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Friday, May 30, 2008

EcoDaredevils: JUNK launch on June 1st!

JUNK Launches on June 1st!

Check it out HERE and be there if you can to send them off on their trip from CA to Hawaii aboard a plastic bottle raft.

Friday, May 16, 2008

EcoDaredevil: Laser Van Thillo

Here is a true eco daredevil action-the burying of the earth treasure vase in the ocean!

Mark Van Thillo (aka Laser) and other members of PCRF "buried" a consecrated tibetan earth treasure vase in the Southern Pacific Ocean in December.

The intention of the vase, which is filled with prayers and offerings, is to bring protection and healing to wherever it is placed. The dive off Egum Atoll in the Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, took the vase 93 feet down to a pristine shelf.

Watch the video HERE

Thursday, May 1, 2008

EcoDaredevils; Population and Sustainability Network

Population and Sustainability

A focus for the Network is "to address the taboo nature of 'population issues' - the very word 'population' seems to be problematic for many.

The taboo about 'population' extends to discussion about the over-consumption by the rich minority world. It is, after all, the rich world which is causing disproportionate damage to our fragile planet through its consumption patterns. Biodiversity, climate change and pollution are all serious issues which the Network plans to address."

This is truly EcoDaredevil work and the creativity required includes crafting a conversation that isn't ignored outright by those threatened by this "taboo" topic. And many are.

Support the Population and Sustainability Network

Rent-a-Cop gets owned by EcoDaredevil walrus

Here's the in California the beaches belong to ALL of us...even the walruses know that!

That walrus is an EcoDaredevil...and so are the people who made this video, show them some love: on

Read it HERE