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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are you an EcoDaredevil (or do you know one)?

My earth-minded friends,

I'm giving an Earth Day keynote at Duke University later this month.

The title of the talk is "Jump the Chasm: Are you an EcoDaredevil?"

The talk will describe what I call the 2050 Scenario (predicted declines of life in the ocean and global biodiversity, climate change, water crisis, human population reaching 9 billion) and the bold ideas and efforts that will be required in the next decade to about that scenario.

I've been asked to take the message "beyond oceans", my area of expertise, however the ocean (as over 2/3 of our planet's surface) will feature prominently of course!

I'll use the metaphor and example of Evel Knievel (my childhood hero) to describe the kinds of EcoDaredevils the world needs...scientists, advocates, explorers, engineers, business people, journalists, filmmakers, educators, etc...who are willing to take risks, defy the status quo, innovate wildly and speak truth to power.  For the sake of the planet and our future on it.

The later part of the talk will focus on examples of real EcoDaredevils, innovative ideas, revolutionary thinking.

Following we will have a surprise guest who will help present the First EcoDaredevil Award to a deserving young person who is helping us to "jump the chasm".

The audience is college-aged (all campus event)...and the venue is the large Bryan Center auditorium.

What I'm looking for are:

--good quality images that tell both sides of the story (the problems and the solutions)

--innovations and examples of revolutionary thinking

--short profiles of EcoDaredevils you may know (perhaps YOU!)

I've personally interviewed some luminaries (EO Wilson, Larry Crowder, Philippe Cousteau and Justin Brashears among them) and asked for a succinct statement on how we will "Jump the Chasm".  They are great clips.

Again, my goal is to engage and motivate a group of young people to be EcoDaredevils, to take risks and think creatively about beginning part of the change that has to happen.

Thanks for your help!

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