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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elliott Hazen and Krysten Knievel Receive EcoDaredevil Awards

The first annual EcoDaredevil Award was presented to Duke doctoral student Elliott Hazen on Earth Day 2008. An Honorary award was also presented to Krysten Knievel, granddaughter of Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel in recognition of Evel's inspiration for the EcoDaredevil Award. L to R: Elena Finkbeiner, Larry Crowder, Krysten Knievel, Elliott Hazen and Wallace J. Nichols. Thanks to Matt Vincent for providing the EcoDaredevil helmet!

Elliott was one of the co-founders of GreenWave, a student led sustainability movement at the Duke Marine Lab. He also instituted a Green by Design class at the Marine Lab bringing in all sorts of experts from business, fisheries etc. to come and chat about sustainability.

A special thanks to the 2008 EcoDaredevil Award sponsors: Ocean Conservancy,, Duke University, The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program,, Tree Media and ChicoBags


YERT Mark said...

Congrats to J. and everybody connected to this wonderful award! Just think how quickly we could move to repair the planet if we were moving so fast that we ALL needed helmets...

We were thrilled to sponsor the award and hope to help spread the word far and wide.

Devilishly Yours,
Mark at

Layla said...

Is that helmet fully recyclable/biodegradable? ;)

Anyway, hope it lasts forever and helps people be more eco!! :)

Love your blog & the awards!!